Saturday, 11 July 2009


I have been learning about dressing photographs with textures. Have to admit I am having a ball. Just loving this course. Here is my photo before anything has been done to it.

As you can see it's not a very good photo, typical point and shoot without any thought behind. LOL. But using what I have learnt so far I have transformed it to this...
I expect you are all a bit fed up with photographs... Hoping to do some crafting this weekend and will share some crafting creations soon I promise. :-)


Michelle said...

Wow. The photo looks amazing. How clever is that.

BTW your blog banner looks great.

It was lovely to see you yesterday and thank you for your help :-) Will have to catch up again soon.


Kate Lewis said...

Your photos are fab Carole - the course sounds so interesting, you've obviously learned loads! Kate x


Another great technique you will soon become the master of all things photoshop, I am enjoying checking your blog to see what you learn next. M xxx

AuroraDawn said...

Beautiful cards Carole, love the colour combos.

The photos are really FAB, wish I'd got on the course as it had started I really could do with some tutoring! It looks like you've learned loads in a few short days.