Sunday, 30 December 2007

How long has it been.................

My, I didn't realise I had been away from blogging for so long. Things have been bit hectic in our house. Each of us has been ill. Hubby started it all off, with the flu/cold like bug that knocked him for six. I followed shortly after and was ill leading up to xmas, then early hours of Boxing Day DS went down with the sickness bug. This has made him very poorly. Today has been the first day over the xmas holidays that we have felt anything like normal. As you can imagine not much of my Xmas Journal has been done, but I have been printing off each day religiously and intend to complete it in the new year.

To try and cheer ourselves up we went to the cinema Friday afternoon to see 'The Golden Compass' it is a lovely film and would recommend it.

Today I have been stamping some of my 'Sugar Nellies' ready to colour. This is about as much as I have been able to muster. I was so looking forward to having some crafting time this xmas holiday, but it just hasn't happened. At least everyone seems to now be over the worst in this household so I can look forward to more crafting in 2008 I hope. Hope everyone had a good xmas. X

Friday, 7 December 2007

A bit behind.........

I am a bit behind with my Xmas Journal, actually way way behind. Here is day 2 'All about the weather'. I printed a snowflake from onto acetate and placed it over my journaling. Papers are BG Figgy Pudding. The Journaling reads:-


Winter weather should be cold, frosty and even snow occasionally.
I can remember as a child having a good sprinkling of snow at least
three of four times during the winter. Every year we would be able
to make a snowman, throw snowballs and have a wale of a time
making snow angles. These days we hardly see it at. These things I
enjoyed as a child are sadly not enjoyed by my own son, who is 9
years old and only made a snowman twice!

Weather today, is wet, dull & dreary.

Must now get on with the other pages........................

Thursday, 6 December 2007


Havn't kept up with my Xmas Journal. Monday I was given the news at work, that they where making me redundant. Finish date is 30th March. Had a suspision that this would happen, and was half expecting it, but it has still come as a shock. Coming to terms with it now, bit aprehensive to what the future will bring, but hopefully I will have more time to craft than what I have had these last few years. I will be bouncing back soon, and will catch up on my journal. I keep looking at all the lovley things you are creating. Love them all. X

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Been busy today.....

making my Xmas Journal. Decided to use a 8x8 BIA chipboard cover and pages. I have covered the chipboard with BG Dasher paper. A few sheets that where left over from last year, but I have bought some of the lovely BG Figgy Pudding to use for the pages inside. I started the cover earlier in the week but finished it off today. I am going to keep my pages very simple I think because I know I am going to struggle to keep up with all the journaling. December is always busy for us, what with present buying, xmas parties, school christmas activities etc that I struggle to remember all the good things that Xmas brings. I am hoping that my journal will help me reflect on Xmas and focus me on the important things.