Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Learning Something New

I have had Photoshop elements software on my PC for a few years now and haven't ever got to grasps with it properly. So I decided to try out a free class Jessica Sprague's Photo Editing 'Frame Ups & Special Effects'. Yesterday was the first lesson. I didn't get around to doing it yesterday, so I am on catch up already LOL..but managed yesterdays and today's lesson this morning. Lesson one was all about PNG files and how to add a 'frame' and 'word art'. Here is what I came up with.

these are the two men in my life. I am loving this photo of my DS. The frame has really made the photo pop.

Today's lesson was using brushes on photos, she described it as thinking of them as stamps. I felt at home stamping LOL and created this...

This photo is from our holiday in Florida in 2006. We swam with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. DH decided he didn't want to do this so he was available to take some photo's. He was limited to where he could take them from so couldn't get close in and allot of them are cluttered. By applying what I learnt in Lesson 2 I was able to transform this photo and bring it back to be being just DS and myself, instead of us being lost amongst the others.

Can't wait for Lesson 3 tomorrow.


Bekka said...

Love what you have done with these Carole - I am signed up for this class too but am playing catch up even more than you!


Oh Carole those frames look fabulous, I never heard of this so I will go and check them out I deffo need all the help I need with Photoshop. thanks M xxxx

Alex said...

WOW: You've done a great job, the framing on the photos look fab!

I can't wait to see what create in Lesson 3 :)

Alex x

lil-paper-pixie said...

Wow love what you have done with your pics, this is all so complicated to me. Isn't it just a fab experience swimming with the dolphins at disco cove........experience of a lifetime, such gentle creatures I love them.