Friday, 17 July 2009

Teachers gifts

I can't believe that today my son walks out of his Junior school for the last time. In September he will be starting his journey through High School. Yesterday there was a prize giving service at the local church for all the leavers. I was able to have a proud mum moment, when Ryan received an award for his help in maintaining the schools laptops and training IT monitors from each of the year classes. I was a bit miffed that I couldn't get anywhere close enough to get a photo of him receiving his prize, but here is one I took yesterday when we got home from school.

I have to admit, I am very proud of him, he has worked so hard, and achieved so much this past year. His SAT'S results where fantastic, all 5B's and he was one of the top achievers in his year. He is turning into a very confident young person and I am sure a lot of this is down to his fantastic teacher he has had in Year 6. He went off to school today armed with presents for her and the TA.

I also made this for the class to give to their teacher.

I found this kit from House of three and using the little squares, the TA got all the children to write a thank you note to the teacher. I then put them all together in a book. Here are a few more photo's.

Hope she likes it. There are some real fun messages hidden in there, I had to smile when I was reading them, while putting the book together. Well here starts SEVEN weeks of school holidays, lots of cricket matches to attend and hopefully some lovely warm weather. (there is a Storm here at the moment, I can hear the Thunder so has better got off this puter!!


Emma said...

WOW Carole - those are amazing gifts. I bet the teachers will be gobsmacked when they receive them.

I was filling up when reading about your son, you must be so proud :D Mine's 5 and I am sure it wont feel long before I am in the same boat , eek - scary.

Have a great weekend x

Bekka said...

What fantastic teachers gifts Carole - I am sure they were adored by the lucky ladies who got them


Way to go Ryan - I well deserved award and a well earnt proud Mum moment

Have a great weekend - its throwing it down here but at least the cricket at Lords is going OK!


Alex said...

WOW: What beautiful gifts for the teachers, lovely cards and purse/box. Loving the card that you made for Ryan's teacher too, I'm sure she'll love it.

Have a good week Carole.

Alex x

Alex said...


I have a little something on my blog for you.

Have a good weekend.

Alex x

Kate Lewis said...

What a lovely post Carole! congrats to Ryan and to you on those stunning gifts, they'll adore them!!! Kate x

Nicki said...

what a gorgeous idea! must have taken you ages! but worth it in the end! its fantastic