Thursday, 12 May 2011

Paper Flowers Tutorial

I have had quite a few requests asking how I made the flower in my previous post. Now I don't claim to have invented this, there are tons of tutorials out in blog land showing how to make paper flowers! but here is mine for my followers. x

I made my flowers with the following Stampin' Up! punches.

Boho Blossoms Extra Large
5-Petal Flower Extra large
Fancy Flower Extra Large

I used Pink Pirouette card stock and punched THREE of each of the 5-Petal Flower and the Fancy Flower.  Then I punched THREE of the pointy star shape from the Boho Blossom punch (Note: you can punch these from the little scraps of card left over from punching the other shapes)

Take the three smaller shapes and layer on top of each other but each one slightly off centre from the one below.  With a paper piercer make a hole in the centre and pop a brad through. Layer the 3 x 5-petal punched shapes, again off centre make a hole and place the brad through these.  Do the same with the 3 x Fancy flower shapes.  Open the brad at the back to secure the layers together.  They should look like this.

Now comes to the fun bit.  Spray the flower with water then start to scrunch up each layer towards the centre of the flower.  I found using my paper piercer to lift each petal made the task a lot easier.

Continue scrunching up each layer.  You will notice as you lift each layer there will be sone dry patches left on the card underneath.  Spray some more water on these areas to make it easier to scrunch the layers.

Continue scrunching up the petals until it looks like this.  (Note the more tightly you scrunch the better your flower will look)

Now we start to unfold each petal.  Take care as your card is now very wet and quite fragile.  I found it best to fold each layer one by one and I used my piercing tool to tease each petal.

When you get to the centre, you can either tease the petals quite flat or leave them quite scrunched.  Continue teasing your layers into the shape you like.

Leave your flowers to dry (I left mine overnight) and once dry they will be quite sturdy.  I finished mine off with a Stampin' Up! Basic Pearl in the centre of the flower.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will have a go at making your own.  
They are so easy to make. 

For anyone wishing to purchase the three punches to enable to make flowers just like mine, I am offering a special package until the end of the month (31st May 2011)

1 x Boho Blossoms Punch
1 x 5-Petal Flower Punch
1 x Fancy Flower Punch
1 x Pack of A4 card stock  (20 sheets 2 each in 10 colours) You choose which colour collection

Buy for £57 delivered to your door and receive a pack of Basic Pearls (worth £4.50) FREE.

Please email me if you wish to take advantage of this bundle offer.


Clare said...

This is fabulous, I'll be after the large blossom punch soon, as I have all the rest.

Love it!

katemeri said...

This is beautiful! Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us how to do it!

Sarah-Jane said...

Lovely flower Carole, I like that you have used lots of sizes, tfs
Hugs xx

Crafty Squirrel said...

Carole, the flower is gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

Helen said...

Absolutely stunning! Will be trying this for sure!

Rita said...

Off to make it now and it's only 8 am. Really into paper flowers lately and this is definitely the best one I have seen. Thanks Carole


Mynnette said...

Absolutely fabulous and you are pinned! :)