Friday, 1 February 2008

Sponsor Belle to raise money for a medical trip to Nevada, USA

Belle, needs all our help. This beautiful, couragous young lady is needing to raise funds to travel to America, to embark on some treatment that our own country cannot give her. Read all about it here Belle's mum is the wonderful, creative Kirsty Wiseman, and for months now I have been reading Kirsty's Blog Go over and have a look, her work is fab, but also you will be able to read all about the long, frustrating journey, Kirsty and Mark have had to endure, fighting with the medical system in the UK, to get the help their daughter deserves. Although I have never met Kirsty or her family, I feel that I know them all so well and I want to help them try and get the best for that wonderful daughter of theirs. I'm now off to make my donation.

Kirsty, If you happen to stop by my blog........ Love to you all X

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