Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Advent Calendar

Those Birthday cards are safely on their way to Australia and I was going to share them with you today, but on reflection I think I will wait until I know they have been received just in case the person they are intended for see them.
So instead I will share a commission I completed end of last week. The person wanted a Frank Lampard Advent Calendar but couldn't find one anywhere! Someone suggested I may be able to make one. I found it a bit of a challenge at first to come up with a design, but once I started it came together quite well.  I am afraid the photographs are not that good and it looked better IRL.

I made 24 little boxes 1 1/2 inches square which could hold a chocolate each and decorated them with the snowflake from the 'Season of Joy' set.  Each box was numbered and on the inside of the lid of each box I put a picture of Frank Lampard, so as each day passes the photo appears on the top of the box, like below.

I was requested to include a box for Christmas Day, so I made this box bigger for a much bigger treat to be put inside. The 'Do Not Open' stamp from the Winter Post set was perfect for this box.  Well tomorrow is the 1st December and the big countdown starts... I still haven't done much of my present buying and must really get a bit more organised...

Remember the Bundle Up offer is still on during December where you can get your FREE ribbon.  See this post for more details.  Make sure you order early so you are not disappointed.  


Michelle said...

What a wonderful idea Carole. It looks great and I am sure the recipient loved opening the first box this morning!

Hope all is gong well with your job.



THAT'S JUST A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!
You are so very clever sweetheart, love it and I want one with Jason Statham on, ok? LOL>
hugs xx