Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Handmade Glitter Xmas Baubles

My demonstration at the Peterborough Training was Glitter Xmas baubles. I have had such fantastic feedback from those who attended, I thought I might try and do a tutorial for you all.

Here are the baubles.  This one is glittered with a snowflake rub-on

And this one has a snowflake floating inside a clear glass bauble.

I think we will make the glitter Bauble first.

You will need:

Clear Glass bauble (I had difficulty in finding mine a couple of weeks ago, but now there are many more available)
Stampin' Up! ink refill in your choice of colour (I used Not quite Navy)
Stampin' Glitter - I used the Turquoise colour from the Fine Cosmo set
Small spoon - I found a medicine spoon was quite good.
Stampin' Up! Icicle Rub-Ons

First take the top off the glass bauble, this comes out easily, by squeezing the two little wires together and pulling. Next drop about 15 drops of ink into the bottom of the bauble.

Start to swirl the ink around the inside of the bauble. Now I found the best way was to let the ink pool into one area, then rotate the bauble very slowly, making sure all the ink covers.

Gradually the ink will cover the inside of the bauble. If you need more ink, add a few more drops. When you get to near the neck of the bauble, have a couple of sheets of kitchen roll handy and be careful.  You will be getting to the stage where your bauble is nearly upside down, to get the coverage you require, which means excess ink will drop out.  (I know from experience LOL)

Once your bauble is covered evenly inside by the ink, tip it upside down for about 5 to 10 minutes to allow the excess ink drain out.  I found a polystyrene tray that had some pears in from the supermaket a great holder.  I put kitchen roll in the try then tipped the bauble upside down on it.  The kitchen roll mopped up the ink and could be disposed of easily. This is important, because if you leave alot of excess ink inside, you will end up with leakages while being stored, until all the ink has dried up.

Once the ink has drained, then we can glitter.  I found it easier to position the bauble upright in the tray
and I also found it easier by making myself a little paper funnel.

Add glitter to the inside of the bauble, you don't need too much, as you can see from the photograph above, approx half a teaspoon is enough.  Place a pad of Kitchen roll over the opening of the bauble and shake the glitter all around the inside.  Take a look at your bauble turning it around to check that all places are glittered, if not just add a tiny bit more glitter and shake again.  Once complete your bauble will end up looking like this

Then you can decorate your bauble. I choose to use, the Stampin' Up! Icicle rub-ons, but you can let you imagination run away with you and decorate how you wish.

I found the easiest way to use the rub-ons was to do each, arm (not sure if this is the correct word to use LOL) of the snowflake in turn.  Because the bauble is round you have to rub the snowflake on carefully.

Here is the completed bauble

Here is a bauble in a different colourway. I used Perfect Plum reinker with the Orchid colour glitter.

I do hope you have enjoyed my tutorial, and it would be great to see any baubles you create. Leave a link in the comment box and I will pop over to have a look.

Tomorrow, I will share with you the tutorial to make the floating snowflake bauble.


Linzi said...

these were even more fabulous in real life! i now need to buy more glitter though!!

Bekka said...

Absolutely stunning - and even better in real life! Thank you so so much for doing the demo booth for us and inspiring so many people.


Maria said...

Hi Carole
These are fabulous, you are so inventive.
Where did you manage to locate the clear baubles ? I feel the need to try this myself lol

Linda said...

Wow, that is excellent, thank you so much for the tutorial, was so sad to have missed the Peterborough Training....really love them.

Ann Wills said...

Didn't make the training at Peterborough, a great tutorial Carole. Thanks.