Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Floating Snowflake Xmas Bauble

As promised, here is the tutorial for the Floating Snowflake Xmas Bauble, that I demoed at the training event. Here is the bauble finished.

You will need the following Supplies:

Clear Glass bauble
Stampin' Up! Icicle Rub-ons
SU Medium Window Sheets
Felt tip pen (Not permanent as you need to be able to remove from window sheet)

Firstly, take a Medium window sheet and using the felt tip pen draw a circle the required size.  My baubles where 6cm and I found that the inner of my Stampin' Up! mini glue dots was just the right size (approx 5cm)

After drawing your circle, you will need to draw a little tab, like in the photo below. (Sorry about the inky fingers in these photo's, I did the inking tutorial first LOL)

By adding this tab you have now drawn a bauble outline on the window sheet. Cut out the bauble and you will be left with the shape with black lines left from the felt tip pen.

Take a soft cloth or some Kitchen Roll and clean off the felt tip from around the edges of your shape. (This is why we must not use permanent marker)
You will then have a clear bauble shaped piece of window sheet.

Next, choose which rub-on you wish to use and rub-on to the centre of window sheet shape. As you can see mine isn't very central..LOL

Now is the time to place the snowflake into the bauble. Gently roll up the window sheet and place through the top of the glass bauble, making sure the little tab is at the top and the last to enter the bauble. As the sheet drops into the bauble it will un-ravel and become flat inside.

The little tab becomes an anchor, as it just pokes up into the neck of the bauble, and this keeps the window sheet upright inside the bauble. Replace the top onto the glass bauble making sure the little metal prongs sit either side of the window sheet. You now have a beautiful bauble that has a snowflake that floats inside.

Again, I do hope you have enjoyed my tutorial, and will enjoy making your own versions.

A note of warning:  If you wish to make this decoration using the Stampin' Up Icicle Rub-ons, please note these are in the mini catalogue Item no 116804.  The pack contains two sheets, 1 each in Silver and Whisper White and priced £7.50.  Items in the mini-catalogue are available until 30th September, so be sure to order yours before this date as there is no guarantee they will be available in the new 2010/11 catalogue.   If you would like more details, please contact me.


Clare said...

Very Cool Carole

Alex said...

Great tutorial Carole, thanks for sharing :)

Hope you're well.

Alex x