Thursday, 3 July 2008

Why I havn't been Blogging!

Well it is here at last........My wonderful Hubby has allowed me to spend some of my redundancy money on a Log Cabin to do my crafting in. (I think he is fed up with me taking over the dining room, some of the living room and bedroom with my stuff). It arrived last friday and I have been spending all available time painting on treatment outside and in!!! My arm doesn't half ache.
Here are some photos of it.

I am now finishing off painting inside. The carpet fitter is coming tomorrow and then I should be able to start to move my stash into it's new home.

Hope to be back crafting very soon.


Suzanne said...

Wow what a great crafting space I an so envious all that room for you to use. Sue :o)

Claire said...

You lucky thing Carole. I wish I had a crafting room (or chalet!) - it's such a pain having to put everything (quite literally!) away so little monsters don't ruin stuff with their sticky fingers. Hope you get settled in soon, Claire

Joana said...

wow! wow! how lucky are you !
and looks gorgeous , look forward to see it all finish with all your craft goodies in :)

Lavender stamper said...

If only my garden was big enough
It looks beautiful, keep us updated with the kitting out,

Happy Crafting

stampin abi said...

Thats lovely! it's almost as big as our house!!

juliejules said...

Oh my goodness, I want to see inside it!!!! JUst to say hello, I am one of Monica;s new downlines so you are my SU sister!! Jules x

Lavender stamper said...

Many thank for the inspiration I gain from your blog, I have an award for youon my blog.
Thank you

Han said...

Wow lucky you this looks stunning xx

lindschick said...

WOW, what a fantastic cabin. Can't wait to see pics of it when it's kitted out. I'm sooooooo jealous!!!

Janette said... lovely....I am so glad that I have a room for my stuff....again hubby was fed up of eating off his lap !!! so he gave in and let me have the 3rd bedroom as it only got used 5-7 times a year !!
TFS look forward to seeing it filled
What size is your studio :)

Lavender stamper said...

How is your crafting space coming along.....Any more pictures yet.

Sue said...

haha we are just about to have a similar log cabin erected!
Any new pics?